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Roberts Jeans


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OK I don't feel too bad... work has this site blocked and, well, it's probably best anyway, because I wouldn't be able to look at these threads there. :lol:

ETA: This just hit me. I don't have a "strategically placed" union jack, but I DO have several pairs of moto jeans. The moto brand, however, clearly has a union jack on it... if you know where to look. ;)

They're my favorite brand... my uncle got me a pair (went into the mall and basically said, OK, my neice wears a size 30... what have you got?) wore out me first pair (don't remember the exact details now), and I have worn white patches in the other, older pair that are going to shit...

No, nowhere interesting, really, just in the leg, I assume, from scratching my leg, itchy... or smoothing a jagged nail, I don't know which... but one thin tiny spot is forming on the arse as well... :lol: I just bought (well, they were free, actually, won a gift certificate to the mall) two more pairs, more dark greyish rather than blue.

Oh yes, and they are tight... but I can breathe. Aye ya yaee.

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Looking at some of the photos in this thread makes me think that the so-called "rumour" about Robert's (ahem) "10 inches" may actually be true!!! :blink::blush::blink:

Edit: hope I don't get blacklisted/banned for the above comment ... I was only repeating what I read somewhere! Hope I haven't offended anyone. Then again, this is the thread with an animated shot of Robert's "bulge" so hopefully my post is in the right place! :lol:

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