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BYAS, Dancing Days, Out on the Tiles, and of course Thank You. Hot's is one of my favorite songs period, but the lyrics represent a warning and are not very light and happy even though the rhythm and structure are very upbeat and "happy" sounding, an exercise in contrasts if you will.

Yeah the whole song is a paradox

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^OTHAFA is my favorite Zeppelin song, and it certainly makes me happy whenever I listen to it. But I've posted elsewhere that I find the song, to quote TheStairwayRemainsTheSame, to be very paradoxical. There's some longing and melancholy mixed in with that joy and happiness. Those lyrics still fascinate me.

It's a testament to LZ's songwriting that there are so many paradoxes (through both the lyrics and instrumentation) that can complicate the emotional response from a listener. Tangerine, for example. Painfully tragic, lamenting a lost love? Sure. But in my opinion, there's a bittersweet fondness that can come from looking back on a specific time in your life and reflecting on those happy memories. It can bring sadness, sure, but also a smile to your face. On the flip side, I wish Immigrant Song could be playing every time I walk into a room (:lol:) - that feeling of raw power and being indestructible brings about another kind of happiness.

"Happy" songs (I believe it is subjective)

Absolutely, and it's interesting to see what people pick up on in regards to "happiness": nostalgia, love, adrenaline, freedom, etc. Cool idea for a thread!

I'll add my votes for Out on the Tiles and Thank You. :)

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