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Ratzinger Resigns - Pope Packs It In

Black Dawg

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Pope Gregory XII was the last to resign in 1415 to end the western schism. However, this pope is no Gregory nor is this 1415. Ratzinger, who's previous title of Grand Inquisitor (contemporary Prefect of the Doctrine of Faith) and also a member of the Hitler Youth (though according to him he did not want to join). During his eight years as pontiff he has done nothing to address the pedophilia crisis going on and as the others before him has simply swept it under the rug. Maybe with luck the conclave will elect a liberal pope who understands the church must change and respect the law of man or simply wither and die over time. I would really like to see the Catholic church and faith be rejuvenated into the force for good it can be, and not the bloated whore it currently is.

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