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July 28, 1973 8mm synced up to professional footage

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It's cool to see this, I was looking forward to it the other day. Sweet to see the different perspectives.

Your other project of separating the official sources and splicing them into the audience source is pretty cool too.

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Check out this project I just finished. When possible, I splitscreened the pro-shot footage to the 8mm footage. Let me know what you think! I have July 27 and 29 in progress too!

I'd prefer to study the film without the split screen. I mean it's obviously from the '73 MSG concert, so there's nothing more to verify, in that sense.

About 2:50 in, the guy crawling off the stage on his butt is interesting.

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Very good job. I like the split screen because even they it is at the same moment as the 8mm footage- it is at a different angle- gives a different perspective. I know this took some time and is like a jigsaw puzzle just like when I do the photo setlist threads. I appreciate that you have a passion for the 3 MSG 1973 shows and it shows. I would like someone to synch up the Cologne 1980 footage-that would be nice.

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