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Anyone have a good sounding 5/18/75?


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5-18-75, sources 1, 2, & 3

Arabesque & Baroque, The Second Night (Antrabata, 4cd), Argenteum Astrum (Tarantura, 4cd), Complete Earl's Court Arena (Immigrant, 3cd), Complete Earl's Court Arena Tapes "II" and "No Quarter" (Empress Valley, 4cd & 2cd from 22cd box set), Femme Fatal (Wendy Records, 3cd), No Quarter (Empress Valley, 4cd; Good Believe, 1cd; Tarantura2000, 3cd & 5cd), & Red Devil (TDOLZ, 4cd)

The first source for this show is found on Good Believe, Empress Valley's 2cd "No Quarter," and Tarantura2000's 5cd release. Immigrant released the second source. The third source is on Tarantura, Antrabata, and TDOLZ (these titles use source two's encores). Empress Valley's two 4cd titles, Tarantura2000's 3cd, and Wendy are three source mixes. The performance can easily be placed on three cds but many of these labels stretched it out to four discs.

Source One:

Good Believe's forty minute title was transferred from the old and incomplete vinyl release.

Empress Valley's 2cd "No Quarter" claims it was copied directly from the original acetate used for the vinyl release by the same name from many years back. Albeit, the first third of the show is now included. The title track isn't complete and it's sound is not in good condition. It seems to have some heavy suppression to remove unwanted sounds and has many "micro cut/repeats." Additionally, it seems to be amplified to the point of being overblown. The strangest thing of all is a nearby person's cough at 2:18. This exact cough is in the exact same place on the tape used by TDOLZ. Other identifying sounds, before and after the cough, are all very faint and do not match up to TDOLZ. In some instances, where talk near the taper is found on TDOLZ, there's a convenient sound in the same place on EV that prevents clear interpretation. Combining that with some of the background suppression…it's extremely difficult to be 100% certain about the truth. In all fairness, there are sounds on EV that aren't on the other sources. Again, this is also from a label that release "less than honest" titles. Yet, no cd releases have cuts in this area. It is very possible that EV has spliced in tape during this section but it would also mean they did it perfectly in, and then out. The chances of that happening so seamlessly are super slim. The chances they'd add sounds and remove others to hide something are slim too - hopefully. Ultimately, sometime soon after the cough, the song is certainly from the proper source.

Tarantura2000's 5cd release contains 3 versions of this source, all very incomplete and full of "micro cut/repeats" (probably from software to "clean up" the sound). The first 2cds (TCD-53-1/4) are missing Kashmir. The second 2cds (TCD-54-1/2) only contain 4.5 minutes of No Quarter - the title track that's always been 18 minutes on other releases of this source. It's Bron-Yr-Aur has the "metallic" sound. The last cd (TCD-55) is sourced from the old vinyl release. Like the other four cds from this 5cd box, the sound has been "cleaned up," producing all the digital problems, cut repeats, and so forth. That's the Way starts off with some bad static and there are very serious digital problems after the song. The title is a big downgrade from the vinyl and Good Believe titles. Certainly one of the absolute worst titles by Tarantura2000.

Source Two:

Immigrant's title is exclusively from the second source. The encores run too fast.

Source two is the basis for Tarantura2000's title. When source two has a gap, it is filled with source one. When source one isn't available to fill a gap, source three is used. This release reveals a few more minutes of tape than Immigrant. It has a longer introduction, the ending of Moby Dick, and some extra tape before the encores.

Wendy's title is a mix that's highly similar to Tarantura2000, using source two as the foundation. It often displaces a more of source two than necessary. Instead of using all of the source two intro, it elects to use source one for most of it. It offers an extra two minutes of tape after Stairway that are not found anywhere else.

Source Three:

TDOLZ uses source two's introduction and encores. Tarantura and Antrabata also use source two's encores.

Antrabata's cuts are in slightly different places. It has at least one additional cut beyond TDOLZ and Tarantura. It also has a slight instance of digital interference 80 seconds into That's the Way.

TDOLZ's tape seems to be more reliable when comparing the intro's and cuts. The tape after the show on Red Devil and AA may be from a different source than the Antrabata.

Antrabata claims the source used was a "Master or 1st generation tape source," but it's sound is completely inferior to TDOLZ's. Tarantura sounds a small bit better than the TDOLZ but may be due entirely to amplifying.

EV Mixes:

Empress Valley's 4cd "II" and "No Quarter (4cd)" - EV mixes three sources for the music. Roughly speaking, the first third is the same as Immigrant. The middle third is from the original "No Quarter" title/source, and the last is the same as TDOLZ. The tape before and after the show are mixed too. The first part has been amplified a hair more than Immigrant's. Additionally, EV has treated the tape some (usually between songs but during songs occasionally too), making the sound very awkward. The purpose of using the overblown/noisy "No Quarter" source for the middle part is not known. Overall, the title is really pointless. It switches sources too much and doesn't offer good sound quality. Unnecessarily spread across four cds.


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