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Jimmy Page autographed print

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Hi all.Sorry this is my first post and not really sure what i'm doing :) but i freakin love led zeppelin so much. i dont even know how to put down in words what this band means to me. The only band I get goosebumps while listening to themJimmy Page is the coolest guitar player ever. I decided to spend some of the TAX refund i got :) on this Jimmy Page/Jorgen Angel hand signed photographic print that i got from jimmypage.com. The coolest thing I own now:) i wanted any information out there on the picture it self so i went to Jorgen Angels web site and e-mailed them.. thinking to just a an automated response back, but what i got looked like a personal e-mail from Jorgen Angel,THis is the -mail below:

Hi, Travis

Thank you for your kind words.

I am glad as well that you went with the picture that Jimmy has named The Whoosh Picture.

What number in the edition did you get?

I took the photo on February 28, 1970 at KB Hallen here in Copenhagen.

I am not sure what song they were playing. My guess is, that it's a song from the second album.

I send you snapshot from 2006 when Jimmy came to my exhibition in Stockholm.

all the best from Denmark

Jorgen Angel

i am 32/50 in the edition if you were wondering. ROCK ON!!!



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