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2013 Baseball Thread...

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The Rangers are really slumping right now, sitting 2.5 back of Oakland. The O's win again, that division lead in the east is getting pretty slim...

Just wait until we get Chen back. Granted Detroit has the best starting rotation. But we can swing the lumber with them and Boston. If we can take 3 of 4 in this series we pick up two. If we can sweep, that would be real sweet. I know its unlikely. If Chen were ready I would say possible. We will have to win a crazy slugfest for that to happen most likely. Now dont forget their guy pitched very well tonight also. So is Porcello in Detroit. Of course I bet the O's and Tigers. And I took the A's and I may run into some trouble there?

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Talk your shit LZfan17, but we are 4-2 againt you and I like Gonzalez's chances to take you down tomorrow. Its a marathon. There is a possibility that the O's and Boston could both get in. Especially if the Yankees continue to get beat. Toronto is starting to win, its never too late in this game. You dont have any safety zone, so enjoy it while it lasts. I am going right back with seattle tomorrow. I had a nice day, I toook Dickey and Toronto, Wash, Tampa, Dodgers. Only loss was the O's game. They wont lose many. Chen will be back soon and then whatcha gonna do when we come for you.

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So now it's a 1.5 game lead for the Sawx in the East & both Boston & Baltimore have a tough one the next series; Rays vs. Red Sox & Baltimore gets the Tigers.

Yes we get the Tigers who have no doubt the best four man starting rotation in baseball. But the schedule will even out. Remember when we had to go to the west coast? We came back a winner? Look at the Yankees and how they are doing out there. And Boston will have their turn with the Detroits and other big boys. Dont look now but Toronto is on fire. And they just took Texas to school in their park. Toronto is going to make some noise and so are we

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