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Zep Gear forsale , Drums , Guitars and stuff


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Ludwig 2012 Bonham Clear Vistalites

Paiste 2002's

Paiste 38" Brilliant finish gong and Custom Stand

Usa Fender Dragon Telecaster

Gibson 1960RI Les Paul

Gibson 1275 Doubleneck

Danelectro Page replica

Blue Usa Strat



Tonebender Mk2 Pro

UK , athough I will send stuff anywhere in the world

Please only contact me if your serious about buying any of the above items, and you actulally have money to buy them ! Thanks

07935 300470


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Im not ' having to sell ' , Ive just reached a point where I can't continue with a Zep band dream, A year ago, I had a great band, we did a years worth of gigs, I had the time of my life. The drummer and singer and bass were all exceptional at Led Zep and have been impossible to replace, Running a Zep tribute isnt as easy as buying all the gear ! , My own playing has reached a point where I cant listen to myself play anymore, Time to move on, I have many other things in life Id like to do, and bettering the band we had is very unlikley , http://soundcloud.com/led-zed ,

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