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I'm working my best on O2 no quarter GTR.

Does anyone know waht was the settings of the saturation &/or disto ?

Also, what was the hugh pedal used ?

I really would like to be able to reproduce the closest sound I can...


If by "hugh", you mean "huge", then it's his Pete Cornish custom pedal board he's been using since the early '90s:


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and the waiting time is nearly a year and you are required to spend time with him prior to and upon delivery

Page had two at the O2- he had a safety net. Note the Strat, , Tele, RD Artist and several others that did not get used. Loads of Les Pauls...


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Many people on this forum have 30+ years gigging, touring, covering and even being in studios and crew with Led Zeppelin- for us to help you give us something to work with. What gear do you have available to you Sarganh?

"Distortion settings"

just guessing- you are using gear that models signals and are used to taking settings from a guide or magazine and applying them to your modeling equipment. That is not reality.

HECUBE was generous enough to share a picture of Page's rig- LOOK at it. Do you see a distortion pedal anywhere? No. He doesn't use one. Nor does he "gain" up. Contrary to urban legend life as a guitarist is not gain and distortion. That's for people who need it to cover their ass.

My first question to you- which you blew off- is what GEAR do you have to work with so we know how to direct and help you on "settings" so provide the answer.

Even if you picked up his guitar on his rig and played- you could not sound like him.

You are not going to sound like Jimmy Page ever. No one does, no one can. He can't sound like you either. Regardless of "settings."

What you can do, is be a student and learn his approach, WHY he does or does not do certain things. Lesson One: do not tart up your rig. The instant your kit defines you, you are just like everyone else. Get us something to work with and good things will happen sir.

So did anybody has the settings of the disto ?

Did anyone replay the O2 version on gtr ?


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It's been 16 years I'm playing GTR. I'm not playing the level I'm supposed to play after all those years. Playing some JP solo/ songs are defi for me. Supposing upgrade me to the next level...

Cause I'm not good in Rythmic GTR, I do prefer solos...

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