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We know that Jimmy Page had been working on approx a dozen songs around 2005/2006 which he had planned to release for the next studio album and played said songs to Michael Lee and Jeff Martin from The Tea Party.

We know after the O2 gig, Page again began to work on new songs with John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham for the next studio album and John Paul Jones admitted to being excited about what they were coming up with at that time. Which in itself is rather exciting because John Paul Jones is not the most open type of person to boast about things.

With Robert having nothing to do in 2014, will we finally see the next studio album?

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+1 j.u.m.p.i.n.g

...not even on the agenda for the next band meeting though surely someone can make a motion to entertain the notion of giving Mr. Plant the floor during new business topics with the caveat being that the minutes not be reflected in the official minutes of the meeting- ...and offer him an opportunity to state his position on 2014 and his vision going ever onward as it relates to the band

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2014 and Plant wants a "Project" , Jimmy and JPaul seem to have enough musical material, Jason is more than willing to go, so logically the next step

would be to release a killer album in true Zep fashion. Once the music is out there, then we can have a serious conversation on a

"limited" venue Tour. I say limited because I don't think any of the members are up for a full blown world tour or even a full tour of

the U.S.

One step at a time.

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"The next studio album"? Maybe solo albums for Robert or Jimmy.

While extremely unlikely, if they all get together and record new material- would they call it Led Zeppelin after 3 decades of saying Led Zeppelin without Bonzo ISN'T Led Zeppelin?

The 02 was FANTASTIC- don't get me wrong. For a one-off, once-in-a-lifetime shot that honored their legacy, I can appreciate wanting to call it "Led Zeppelin" as opposed to "3 guys who used to be in the world's greatest rock band + a family member" (hard time fitting on the tickets, programs, t-shirts and DVD box labels :P ). Continuing in that vein? That contradicts all the (good IMHO) arguments made (mostly by Robert) over the last 33 years as to why Led Zeppelin was done.

All of that said- it's their lives, their name, their band. As a fan, if they decide that reforming Led Zeppelin (using the name or not) is what they want- terrific (for them as well as us)! If they decide no or all of this is Robert continuing to have fun with the never-ending clamor and naive reporters, that's cool too.

Would be great to hear the music the 3 J's cooked up at some point for sure.

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if Leo and the Caps are happy and full of joy... sons of thunder ride

I miss watching them do what they do, I have access to the recordings always. Watching it happen would be such a pleasure to see again. KCH had to be a moment of being touched by how many people appreciate them as people...

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Oh for Frack's sake, you people! Come ON!!!! I mean, it's not like all of what they have done and accomplished as Led Zeppelin will fade or dissapear prior to the possible release of new material.....Times they are a changing and if they feel they've been recharged and revitalized, then BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AC/DC would have never been the same if it wasn't for BACK IN BLACK album which was released after their ORIGINAL FOUNDING MEMBER FRONTMANT VOCALIST Bon Scott died and was replaced with Brian Johnson...Think about it.

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Ever since Jimmy did Coverdale Page I have had the feeling that he wanted to put out one more Led Zeppelin album, the chance for the band to rock, and close the book. The way Jason drummed for his life at that gig. The look on Jimmy’s and John Paul’s faces when Charlie Rose asked if Led Zeppelin is the greatest band ever, the manner at which they so calmly said yes, the look in their eyes, and the tone and cadence in their voices, you could feel it, you could taste it. Like he said, it was lightening in a box. Bring it on, one more time.

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It puzzles me as to why certain folk have a problem calling the Band "Led Zeppelin" if Jason is on the drum kit...

That's like saying your Son is not good enough to take over a family business and STILL leave your name on the door!

Can you imagine say - the Mondavi Winery NOT being called Mondavi Winery when the founding father passed?

Or Rothschild NOT being Rothschild because the father has passed away?

There is a million family names or in this case a Band's name that go on with their name ONLY because it is kept in

the family! If it wasn't Jason - sure - don't call it Led Zeppelin. But if it IS Jason - it's John's son for chrissake!!

His blood, his beloved son who he personally taught to play the drums in the first place!

A kid who lived the Zeppelin life and lost a dad because of the Zeppelin life style!

C'mon people, Jason deserves and has earned the right, by blood and by fire, to be in LED ZEPPELIN!!

He's lost enough - don't deny him his rightful place in music history.

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I had to rephrase that - I originally said "new" material, but hopefully "new" material (i.e. previously unreleased) will make its debut with the remasters.

It's just bizarre that Plant openly mocked reporters and people who were clamouring for a reunion, then when he jokes about the possibility, everybody suddenly thinks he's being honest?

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Chas. J. must've ruffled Rob's feathers with his "sleepy music" comments a few months back.

Like Jones and Page, I'm a Capricorn. Like Plant, my 2014 calendar at this point is pretty wide open.

So, the only logical thing to do is to rewrite/add to history, unite, and provide us with material that is far and away greater than most of the sad sack shit music pouring out now.


And cut out the lawyers tongues and smash their fingers with rubber mallets. No offense intended to any of the fine attorneys on this forum.

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Spoiler Alert: The New Album


Clarify por favor.

Dangling live or artificial bait?

One on topic simple sentence about your post with no more than five non vague words would suffice.

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