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New Album Releases for 2013

Virgil Kane

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This live box set from the Black Crowes drops on March 19th. You can listen to an advance track from it at RollingStone.com, a cover of Dylan's "Tonight, I'll Be Staying Here With You".


On April 16th, Drivin' n' Cryin' will release Songs From the Psychedelic Time Clock, the third in a series of 4 EP's they plan to put out. You can listen to an advance cut from it, "The Little Record Store Just Around the Corner" at Blurt Online.


Honky Tonk, the latest from Son Volt, will be released tomorrow. In the meantime it's streaming at American Songwriter.


Jimi Hendrix' People, Hell and Angels is also due tomorrow. It's presently streaming as part of NPR's First Listen series here.


The Low Highway, the latest from Steve Earle, is due on April 16th. "Invisible" is the first video from the album:


David Bowie's new one, The Next Day, is now streaming at iTunes. It's due for release on March 12th.

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Because they're new to y'all.

Because they released it here in the US in Feb. Up for best Rock album of 2012 in Canada.

Really liked White Denim too. Discovered them in 2012.

Grand Canyon 2012 - Tasty, tasty Canadian country

Heather Christian and the Arbonauts - New York avant folk

Kamara Thomas and the Ghost Gamblers - New York avant folk


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I believe everyone was under the impression that Bowie had retired and that the world had heard the last of him. Then, a few weeks ago this video was released along with news of a new record. Goes to show, you can't really ever count anyone as down and out, least they surprise you with news such as this.

I've heard nothing but great reviews about this; looks like I missed the streaming but I look forward to checking it out!

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