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Arise Sir Ozzy? Tony Iommi has co-written Eurovision Song .


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An online campaign has been launched to secure Ozzy Osbourne a knighthood.

Fans want the Black Sabbath icon to become Sir Ozzy and hope to recruit enough signatures to persuade the UK government to add him to a future honours list.

The petition was started by Helen Maidiotis, of Sydney, Australia, who says: “Ozzy has been an inspiration to many great musicians over the last 40 years. He is a credit to his country and I believe a knighthood for Ozzy is one well-deserved and long overdue.”

So far the petition, addressed to Davie Spooner, the UK Cabinet office’s Honours And Appointments Secretary, has attracted 425 signatures. Last year an attempt to have Birmingham Airport renamed after the Prince of Darkneds came to nothing.

Meanwhile, Sabbath bandmate Tony Iommi has co-written a song which will take part in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The track, called Lonely Planet, was last weekend selected to be Armenia’s entry in the annual light-hearted but bitterly-contested TV competition. It will be sung by Dorians frontman Gor Sujyan at the semi-finals in Sweden on May 16.

Iommi says: “Well, here’s something different – one of my demo ideas has been chosen for Eurovision. I did the music and the performing band Dorians wrote the lyrics. They’re a good band – the singer has a really good voice and the lyrics are in English.”

Black Sabbath will release 13, their first album with Osbourne since 1978, in June. Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk took Bill Ward’s place after a contractual dispute led him to regretfully bow out of the reunion.


Are these the best Black Sabbath April Fools since Kerrang's Never Say Dai - Tom Jones joins Black Sabbath story

yet again if Cliff Richard can get knighted then why not ?

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I hope this is some kind of a joke, some no-talent wife beating arsehole getting a knighthood, it can't even bear thinking about. The buffoon can hardly string two words together.

Well Joe Ozzy's paid his taxes, he's done his bit for the economy. Whatever controversial shenanigans he's got up to don't come into it. Paying the taxman counts for everything. he's well qualified to get a knighthood.

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Brian May wants to make a "riffs album" with Tony Iommi

The Queen guitarist and Black Sabbath’s co founder are great friends, and Brian’s has informed the latest edition of Kerrang magazine that the pair have been planning to record the album for a while.

Brian says he’s amazed at how much unused material Tony has in his studio and that the idea is to put out an album of Tony’s riffs so listeners could build their own songs around them.


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