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RIP Alvin Lee


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Just because someone has not in the past mentioned a particular artist on a Led Zeppelin forum it doesn't mean they are not entitled to express their thoughts and pay tribute to them.

And as for the Michael Schenker comment; Very weird!

How is that weird??? That's exactly what will happen. Do I want to see anyone die? Of course not, but that's part of life, unfortunately. My point is this - Schenker is never mentioned in any "best guitarist" discussions - from this site to Rolling Stone Magazine - and the day he does pass, you'll see numerous magazines and people out here make claims of his greatness, as usual.

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^ Is Schenker still with us? And as Amstel is going to castigate everyone (who never mentioned Alvin Lee before), who wishes to express condolances regarding this, I say :smack:

Yes he is! He's extremely skinny though. I know he was hooked on heroin and alcohol, and "supposedly" he kicked both habits. He made a comment back in the 90's, I believe, about Page's heroin habit, and how how Page use to be great, but heroin ruined his ability to play. Those remarks weren't kind, and this was coming from someone that admired Jimmy Page. I'll find that quote and post it sometime within the next couple of days.

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From Blabbermouth.

One great guitarist paying tribute to another.


Legendary BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi (pictured below) spoke to the Birmingham Mail about the death of legendary British guitarist and singericon1.png Alvin Lee, founder of the band TEN YEARS AFTER, who passed away early Wednesday (March 6) after complications following a routine surgical procedure.

"I was extremely saddened to hear of Alvin's death," Iommi said. "It was a great shock. I had not known that he was ill.

"Alvin was a really great guitar player but, more importantly, has been a good friendlb_icon1.png of BLACK SABBATH over the years.

"In the early days, when we were still going by the name of EARTH, it was Alvin who helped us get some gigs. He'd been out there a bit before us, and knew the ropes. We'd sit and talk the night away at a flat in London.

"I remember telling him that we were thinking of changing our name to BLACK SABBATH.

"He was horrified! He told me we'd never do any good with a name like that."

He added: "Alvin broke new ground with the way he played. After he played 'Goin' Home'icon1.png at Woodstock, he became known as the fastest guitaricon1.png player in the world.

"But it wasn't just about speed. He could rock, he could play the blues, and he was a fine jazz guitarist, too.

"He will be greatly missed by everyone in the rock and rollicon1.png community."
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