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Forthcoming Books On Lou Reed, Yoko Ono and Clapton's Guitars


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Genesis Publications have a number of limited edition books due to be published this year, and they are inviting anyone interested to register for further details.

The volumes are as follows:

Lou Reed 'Transformer' signed by Lou and photographer, Mick Rock

Eric Clapton 'Six String Stories'

Yoko Ono 'Infinite Universe At Dawn'


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I don't suppose an experienced publisher like Genesis would be going into production if they thought it wouldn't sell. I was surprised when they published a book of Ross Halfin's travel photos. Each to his own I guess, but I do understand your point. I think a lot of people who buy Genesis' books do so from an investment perspective. The books end up at the auction houses. If the subject of the book dies, the value of the book increases considerably, which is what happened after George Harrison passed away.

Why on earth would anyone on this planet want to buy a bloody expensive book about Yoko Ono?

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