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hi..when looking for something else i found this site and saw that the following dates weren't listed on it. for those unfamiliar with steve paul's "the scene" it was THE club in the late 60's and early 70's that every musician wound up at after whatever gig they were playing around town. it was open all night so musicians would show up at all hours when their other gigs were over. i was there every weekend when i was home (nyc) from college. saved this ad which appeared in the village voice in december of 1969 cause i save everything. just thought 'd share it here. obviously they were pretty unknown at the time if the ad couldn't even spell their name right. by year's end bill graham could no longer book them at the fillmore east anymore cause they were too expensive...


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Nice advertisement, however, those dates were canceled due to John Bonham returning home to be with his ill son.

According to my notes John was flown home from NY for a couple days to visit 2 1/2 year old Jason, who had

required stitches to his head. I've been meaning to ask Jason if he remembers this and/or was ever told what

had happened to him. Those dates were cancelled.

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