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A question about some Bon Jovi stuff


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I'm hoping that someone can help me. I've been given a box set of Bon Jovi cds, it's a Japanese tour box special editions (11x SHM Cds 2010).

Does anyone have any info and if they are worth something? Many thanks

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Bon Jovi tour without Sambora again


Bon JRichie Sambora will be absent for Bon Jovi’s current run of gigs, the band have said.

In a brief statement they explain the guitarist has “personal issues” and as a result will not appear. They add: “All shows will go on as scheduled.”

The band’s show last night in Calgary started 45 minutes late, after which Jon Bon Jovi told fans: “Richie Sambora won’t be performing for a while. I had two choices – pack up and go home or give you everything I got.”

Local radio station Q107 reported that the singer also said the guitarist was not in jail or hospital, and that the decision was taken to appear without him just a few hours before the gig was set to start.

Sambora seemed intent on appearing as planned last Thursday, when he tweeted: “Happy holiday weekend to all….the tour resumes on Tues… On the move again…”

He missed a run of shows in 2011 after checking himself into rehab to deal with his alcohol and drug problems. He later told Classic Rock that bandmate Jon Bon Jovi hadn’t visited him during his stay, but added: “Everybody was very supportive – my band, my family, my kid. It was like, ‘Hey, go get better, man. Do what you gotta do.’”

Bon Jovi himself said of Sambora: “It was great for Richie to go and take care of himself, knowing full well he was not being fired or punished. He needed and wanted to seek help.

“But the show goes on. I’m not beholden to anyone. To be honest about it, we’ve got to pay a road crew, who are dependent on that paycheck to put food on the table and shoes on their kids’ feet. You can’t put them out of work.”ovi tour without Sambora again

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Bon Jovi’s “music” has absolutely no redeeming quality to my ears. Find it odd to be honest that so many people find it “cool”. Can’t quite put my finger on it, sounds like music I have already heard a hundred times before. I understand that image is important, but in bothers me tremendously that Bon Jovi’s music seems to be overly image driven. The other thing I find is that the singer sounds so hollow, his voice lacks any kind of humanity and I had a chance to see some concert footage, and instead of singing, he seems to talk his way through it.

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