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Ok here goes......Monty Python or Blackadder


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Sacrilege......I know

Sacrilege? Not really. Monty Python were far better on film, IMO. Some of the TV stuff was average at best and some just so off the wall it wasn't funny. I always loved the cartoons by Terry Gilliam, All the Python films are great.

Blackadder is superbly written and historically funny. I never fail to crack up when ever I see them, although I am not a big Atkinson fan.

Between the two I prefer Fawlty Towers ;)

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Without Python there would be no Blackadder. Without the Goons there would be no Python. All brilliant in their own ways.

This. :yesnod:

All these A versus B questions get wearying after a while, anyway. Monty Python...Fawlty Towers...Blackadder...Black Books...Young Ones...they're all great. Since I live in a free society and nobody has a gun to my head, I choose them all.

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