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I've gone through several metal phases. I'll always have a special love for old Metallica. Also, Tool is in my 'old favorites' folder. But more recently, I've been into the more hardcore styles.

Here's a short list:

Misery Signals

The Fall Of Troy

The Bled

Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Norma Jean

And so on. B)

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Uhm, metal or hard rock thread?

Runaways (!!)

Faith No More

Page & Coverdale

Kyuss (even if they are not metal or hard)

Killing Joke (I agree with previous posts)



Steve Vai is intriguing

David Lee Roth

just to say a few

This thread is METAL. So, no Page and Coverdale. The Runaways were sorta punk-ish. Not metal. Lita Ford did go metal, but not when in The Runaways. And if 'Kyuss' or whatever, aren't metal, then don't post them :rolleyes:

Anyway, I should update my list, becasue I have been listening to a lot more of it, so obviously:

MEGADETH (Best fucking metal band EVER)





Lacuna Coil

H.I.M. (love metal)


Mercyful Fate

King Diamond

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Here's my list...in alphabetical order

Arch Enemy

Chevelle (not entirely metal, however a lot of it is)







Not a heck of a lot, that is just what I have on my computer, I am definitely going to get a lot more in the future though, when I find new metal bands to get into.

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I'm a huge metal-head. I love pretty much all genres of metal: Power, Thrash, Speed, Death, Black, Grind, etc.

Some of my favorites:






Mercyful Fate/King Diamond



Cannibal Corpse

Morbid Angel

Hate Eternal

Cattle Decapitation






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Metallica (cant wait for their new album with Robert Trujillo)

Are you serious! I love Metallica, they were my no.2 until Tool came along, but after hearing St. Anger. I wish they would stop before they become a joke. They are still kick ass, but they are suffering from an image problem. They say they are going back to their roots.

I basically love the popular metal bands, but i don't like the genre, even though most of what I listen to can be considered Metal.

Breaking Benjamin I wont classified as metal, but does have metal songs is my newest favorite.

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The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness

Also, my updated list in alphabetical order

Arch Enemy


Children of Bodom


Deathspell Omega

Dimmu Borgir











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I've been listening to Mastodon for the last couple of weeks and I've been loving it!

I don't usually listen to metal besides some Metallica occasionally, Kyuss or QOTSA that aren't exactly metal but have some elements I think. It was hard to assimilate at first all the loud, fast and somehow dark (because of the unusual scales used perhaps?) music that it is metal, again, because in my teenage years I used to listen to nu-metal bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, P.O.D. and the likes, I loved the anger and energy that fueled that kind of music, but grew tired and bore of it as I got older and discovered other bands from other genres and eras.

But I gotta say I'm rediscovering the genre trough Mastodon, what I like about them is the progressive elements and high level of talent that they have as musicians, I'll certainly keep listening to them. B)

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Jani Lane, the former lead singer of the metal rock band Warrant, has died in Los Angeles.

He was 47.

Officer Sara Faden says Lane's body was found Thursday in a Woodland Hills hotel. She had no immediate information on the cause or circumstances of his death.

With his long blond hair and tight leather outfits, Lane embodied the excess of 1980s "hair metal" rock bands. He joined Warrant in 1984 and wrote such hits as "Heaven," "Down Boys" and "Cherry Pie."

He had an on-and-off relationship with the band, leaving it in 1992 before returning and quitting again several times.

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I vividly recall Jani Lane performing as the frontman for Warrant in a coveted support slot on a massive Motley Crue tour. Jani was a gifted entertainer and I'm saddened by his passing. -- SAJ


Rockers Slash, Nikki Sixx, and Steven Adler have paid tribute to former Warrant star Jani Lane, who was found dead in a Los Angeles hotel room on Thursday night.

The body of the musician, 47, was discovered at the Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills. No official cause of death has been released.

Lane's rock peers were stunned by the tragic news, and have taken to their Twitter.com pages to express their grief over his passing.

Bret Michaels tells fans, "We'd like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of Jani Lane regarding their loss."

Sixx states, "I just heard the sad news about Janie (sic) Lane. So hard to swallow when people have kids. RIP", while Adler adds, "Jani Lane, you were a great talent. The world will miss you. R.I.P. my brother."

In a post on his page on the microblogging site, Slash writes, "Just heard about Jani Lane. What a shame. RIP man." invisible.gif

Lane, who fronted the Cherry Pie hitmakers between 1986 and 2004 and briefly reunited with the group in 2008, was married three times and is survived by a wife and four children.

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I saw them at a festival in 1988 or 89' at Paradise Valley Park Phoenix, AZ. They put on a great show along with Cinderella and a few other bands. I wish I could remember more but that night was a bit of a blur...college days ya know :D

Lane was a great performer and made everyone in the crowd feel special, he just had that gift. I remember going to the show to see Cinderella and having no interest in seeing Warrant because I thought their music was sophmoric at best. Jani Lane made a beliver out of me, the man was just so warm and kind and the music just came alive.

You will be missed...may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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I was shocked when I first heard the news, even after knowing about his recent troubles with alcoholism. I grew up with Warrant, Poison, Bon Jovi etc.. and have seen Warrant many times during those years. They do get labeled a joke band, which I understand, but they've put on a great show every time I've seen them. Jani especially was a fantastic front man, and always had the crowd in the palm of his hands. He had a great sense of humor which I always remember from his shows, and from watching interviews. R.I.P

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