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On 9/18/2016 at 8:24 AM, JohnOsbourne said:

Love Ministry, and excellent choice.  Whenever I'm in an Apple or BestBuy (or similar store), I always bring up YouTube on one of the sample machines and play this one.  I always think a DHS SWAT team is going to come through the ceiling...  :ph34r:

LOl  We've got a plus+ grocery market here and they have a kiosk , they sell nothing but jam boxes and blue-tooth speakers . I got my phone to recognize/remember all of their blue-tooth active speakers  that they sell . When i go shopping , i make a  bee line to the kiosk , make sure they're all turned on. Heres the kicker , when they turn  off one from being annoyed  , you go to the next!  Angel of Death - Slayer or Ministry! - Jesus Built my Hotrod . Thats funny man!



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Honestly , it didn't start out that way (prankin'). I was actually  looking to buy a small blue-tooth speaker and while testing them....  all the blue-tooth "codes"? stuck in me phone! Didn't buy anything , cause they  suckt. They were all loud , tinny and annoying. . But, now trolling the kiosk is a  Sat. morn. grocery shopping ritual ! :lol: I did find this at OfficeMax though, best 39 bucks ever spent. Ive had it about 9 months and no probs. My phones battery goes dead before this does. Loud too !


Some buddies of mine from back in the day.


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Best Metal Bass player ever ! Better than Les , Geezer and that yayhoo from Rush... Jeddly Lee?  Do realize that this guy started Judas Priest ? Rock-a Rolla

This guy and Frank Bello are 2nd and 3rd though....

14 sec in - gawdlike



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