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WYSP In Philadelphia playing O2 show this w/e

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hey all,, this is not a doctor of the slowburn boot,, there was a mic check in TSRTS that wasnt in the boot from last tuesday. I spent several hrs last week tweaking the 1st boot w/sonar home studio,

added some compression/limiting and some eq and it sounds better. But this radio is playing a boot with much better midrange (vox & guitar) while the 1st boot has more bass & drum "presence".

So hopefully after i get all the radio recorded i can sync the 2 and make a good mix ,,we will see. =]

in the meantime enjoy the ride


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right on,,i was just answering qestion of what boot it was. Not dissin any one particular recording,, Im happy to have any,, my only goal is to close in on the sound that came off the stage. After 25 yrs as a taper its nice to have the tools to tweak the music

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Oh Dear! Playing an unofficial recording without permission of the band

on a major FM station in 2007... Wow!

I would say it is unusually *hip* for these days. I like it!

Prolly the station is risking their license, but they do a great job

by "sharing" this recording via FM radio with lucky Philly Led Zep fans.

They have done this in San Francisco and San Jose for many, many years. Live Zep has been a staple of 'Get The Led Out'.

If the band go after them I would be surprised. I mean Jimmy goes to Boot shops in Japan. The station is just pumping Zeppelin and while they do sell commercial time, really it just pumps the band up more. I hope they are cool. They were so good.


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It's time to sound like an idiot.

Can anyone point me towards a free program I can use to capture this audio stream using my Mac ?

Don't you worry I'll record it...

and put it online

anyway you have some progs inside your mac anyway

you should look carefully...

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In less than one hour the show will be streamed...

I have some problems around here, the streming stops from time to time don't know why....

will try to pass through another player...


here is the frequency reponse of the audio stream...


Preparing everything...^^


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Good morning all... I gotta clear the cobwebs out before I get the Led out...I see you early birds have been at this all night !

Shit I over slept and apparently am burried in 7 inches of snow .............where is that coffee............ok waiting and ready :D

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good Morning !!

They are playing a bootleg copy. I have the same one. Sounds like Slowburn's copy. Not bad, but you could hear the drop in quality from the Aerosmith song that played right before this concert started.


Popeye !

There is one song where the taper does a sound check, cant remember which one, you can also hear people talking clearly on that particular track.

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I'm gonna be here on sunday and RECORD THE WHOLE GIG with very good audio quality

Just wanna know is it an english or american radio?

So i musy now the difference if hours between france and american,between france an d england its one hour ...

tell me if you wnat me to record it....

Oh yeah, please record it!!!!!!!!!

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