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The Rest in Peace Thread


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Jesus H. Christ. The Grim Reaper is on a rampage. Christopher Lee...Ron Moody...Ruby Dee...Dusty Rhodes...and now Ornette Colman!


Beware famous people...run and hide and don't answer the door. He's coming for you.

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This happened in April and I have been meaning to post this for a while now.

R.I.P Sawyer Sweeten.


Hearing that someone committed suicide is hard enough, but the fact that it was a 19 year old kid who did the deed, is even harder to swallow! :(

Yeah, that's pretty sad. We still love the show 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' Peter Boyle is also gone. :(

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Farewell to Chris Squire, there for Jimmy when support was needed most.


Indeed and so much more.. So sad to hear of this brilliant man's passing. He was the heart of Yes. The one common denominator of by far the most important "prog" band. He saw Yes through thick and thin.

Rest in peace fellow Christopher and Picean.

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