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I Played Kashmir So Loud That......

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I played Kashmir so loud that I almost got what all the fuss was about the most over rated Led Zeppelin song in all of Zep history!

Ha, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...he, he, he, he,..... I don't get it.?

Apparently not.

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you guys are so funny!!!

Oh yes, I certainly did listen to the live version on the Blu-ray disc.

I also was fortunate to listen to it in person at the O2 show which was a mind blowing experience. I recall saying at the concert that Kashmir would be the highlight of the show when reviewed later.

Love your cockroaches levitating!

Keep the submissions coming people! These are great!

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I played The Immigrant Song so loud that the gates of Vahalla opened and Odin struck me dead with a shaft of lightening

I played Moby Dick so loud that my hands bled from air drumming

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I played Immigrant Song so loud, my long-lost relatives in Norway called and asked me where have I been all this time.

I played Going to California so loud, United Airlines sent me a reservation number and a seat assignment.

I played Gallows Pole so loud, friends dropped by with some silver, a little gold.

I played Dazed and Confused so loud, I got on the plant to California but thought I was going to Norway, and the gold and silver came in handy when I landed and realized I need to buy summer clothes.

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