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I came, I saw, THEY CONQUERED!

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I couldn't have found a better description for how I felt or still feel :D

The gig was so amazing and unrivaled. I hardly find words... :rolleyes:

On Friday, 6 pm I learnt, that I will definitely have a ticket and

...got no time to pack my bags, my foot outside the door. I got a date, I can't be late...

My, my, my I was so happy, I joined the band....

These are moments in our lives, why "I live for my dreams and a pocketful of gold..."

A "whole lotta love" from Germany...

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i agree...it was so wonderful to be in a place where all the peopel were filled with joy...not a bit of bad karma or mojo to be found..the band truly appreciated it too and it showed...they sounded marvelous despite some feedback (but they have always had that problem, no?)

posting my photos on flickr. there are some great ones from people there if you do a search!

and the youtube videos will be back online soon!!!!


truly a special night!!

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