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BBC Radio Program -- The Ticket : Interviews John Aizlewood

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Overheard tonight here in states....On Public radio..

BBC World Service Program "The Ticket" with Mark Coles (??)

Airing this Saturday morning at 7:30am UK Time for about 7 minutes, a piece on the Zepplein O2 concert, including an interview with John Aizlewood of the Evening Standard. I taped it. But what I'd like someone to find, is a link to it on a BBC site somewhere, where it could be listened to again.

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Listen again is on this page.

It says it's updated at 19:06 gmt every Saturday (about 9 hrs from time of this post), and it's still last week's show up there at the moment.

Yes, Thank You !

Listen to The Ticket

"Updated weekly at 19:06 GMT (5:06PM) on Saturday"

This week on the Ticket presented by Mark Coles...

We hear from American comedian Jerry Seinfeld about his movie animation debut Bee Movie and why he will never bring back his celebrated sitcom Seinfeld.

We pay tribute to the maverick German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen and American R'n'B musician Ike Turner who both died in the last few days.

We speak to the director of the 3rd highest grossing movie in Mexican history Kilometre 31 - a horror movie about a road terrorised by evil spirits.

In the week that legendary rock band Led Zeppelin re-united for an exclusive charity concert in London, we get the insider's take on the most hotly anticipated gig of the year.

We meet members of the cast of 7 Fingers - an acrobatic troupe composed of former members of the Cirque Du Soleil whose brand new show The Loft combines, trapeze, knife juggling, contortionism, dance and humour.

Plus there's music performed in the studio by A Hawk & A Hacksaw - an accordion and violin duo who specialise in the music of Eastern Europe.


I will say.... that the accordion and violin sounds made by A Hawk & A Hacksaw..... are very reminicent of the Middle Eastern type-strains found in Zeppelin's "Kashmir" ! ! I may have to track down this album when it's released...

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Thanks for that !! I agree with what he said !! in the fact if they now leave it as it now seems to be the only gig, it will go down as the most iconic gig !! Chicken on here said the same thing after the gig that this was iconic !! And for us who went we will have that memory !!

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