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Down By The Seaside... The story behind this song?

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I agree with everyone saying how great Down By The Seaside is... always been one of my favorite songs. On my iTunes I have numerous Zeppelin play lists, including solo material from Jimmy and Robert as well as Page/Plant and Coverdale*Page. As Presence is my favorite album, I made a play list that I call Perfection. Now most of you won't like this, and that's fine, it's MY personal choice, but here's the play list in order of songs:

Achilles Last Stand

For Your Life

In The Light


Down By The Seaside

Ten Years Gone

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Candy Store Rock

Hots On For Nowhere

Tea For One

I could have added others, such as Immigrant Song and Going To California, but decided to just add side three of Physical Graffiti to Presence, minus Royal Orleans. If you have the chance to put those songs in that order on your iTunes or on a CD, I guarantee that you will be blown away!!!

That's a very good playlist. I like it.
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DBTS has always been one of my favourite Zeppelin songs. I think that the new remastered hi-res version is one of the most improved sounding tracks in the reissues so far.

I gotta say this song is sounding so good on the new remastered record. The extra, new clarity is amazing compared to the 80s and 91 discs. with this track being sort of a b side or whatever and plant's sea of love track from the 80s being sort of commercial...it shows how plants voice can make a song very imaginative. One of the things with the new version, pages guitar part on the tempo change section is brought up...and sounds good like that. Somehow bonzos drums sound softer here and throughout the album at times, from my memory of old record and cd, but i have not compared it to 91 yet. Yet...everything sounds balanced and there is clarity that with compact discs, i thought i would be hearing in 1991.

I dont know any story of what the song is about.

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Down by the seaside

(The sea of gallilee)

Hear what the little fishy says.

Who was the fisherking?

Try listening to the song considering matters of man soul. Makes the song lyrics interesting. Just like stairway to heaven.two paths you can go by....but in the long run,theres still time to change the road your on.

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On 2/5/2022 at 1:05 AM, Darwock said:

What does Robert Plant sing at the very end of the song? This little outro part is omitted from all the written lyrics I have seen, and I’ve never been able to make it out.

I believe that was discussed somewhere in this forum, and I don't recall what guesses were given, but to my lousy hearing it always sounded like Plant was chastising the people who are running around constantly, never taking a time out, when he (maybe) sang, "Don't they know that they're nowhere?" --like the old hippies used to say, as in, "You're nowhere, man,"--meaning you are not living your life in a good way.

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