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Does anybody still listen to vinyl?

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I can see the ti-shirt now, "Chicks Dig Vinyl"

I still listen to my records occasionally - there are a couple boxes of albums that I could never bear (bare? neither looks right) to part with, also 45s. I have a 45 of Goanna's "Solid Rock" that sees regular action, also Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose "Too Late to Turn Back Now" which IMO is the most gorgeous and perfect pop record evah!

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People in Houston listen to vinyl. While in Houston, my friend took me to three record shops...there would have been a fourth, but it was closed on the day we went.

The three we shopped at were Cactus Music, Vinyl Edge, and Black Dog Records. Black Dog was the best, and not just because they had, by far, the best Led Zeppelin section, including some rare goodies. The owners Cliff and Brent are nice guys and fun to talk with. Unfortunately I was so enraptured looking through their selection and conversing, that I forgot to take any photos. All I got was one exterior shot.


These others are from Vinyl Edge in "The Heights" part of Houston.






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I decided recently that I want to start collecting vinyl. I asked my dad a few weeks ago if I could have some of his to start my collection but he traded them all for CD credit. There is a great record shop here (which is where he took them). I may go and try to buy back some of his albums!

I forgot to add that his collection included every Zeppelin album! I don't know why he did that!

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