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The Rush Thread

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Moving Pictures is one of my all time top 10 album !! The first four songs on the album have to be some of the best rock put to record ! Stunning band, great live and very talented bunch. I like to think of them as the thinking mans rock band...so why do i like them then !!!?? :blink::D

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I'm a pretty big fan that came onboard around the time their first live album, All The World's A Stage was released. To this day it not only rank's as one of Rush's best live albums but one of the best live albums, period. I've remained a fan throughout the years with a few periods of disinterest, the first when they started to delve more into synths in the 80s. I also lost interest a few other times over the years but always came back to them. Recent highlights have included the very excellent Different Stages disc as well as the R30 CD/DVD that show Rush to still be one of the very best live bands out there. Unfortunately, what I've heard of their last couple of studio albums (which admittedly isn't much) hasn't compelled me to seek them out.

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I saw them a month ago today, it was a great show, and Geddy whipped out his Rickenbacker at the end for YYZ, that was awesome. Alex also played parts of Norwegian Wood incorporated into Hope! That I didn't expect!

I love em, I have all their albums, but vinyl i only own the debut, Signals and Chronicles.

Here Again (From the sadly overlooked debut album..) is so powerful, it's kind of like SIBLY in it's mood, everyone should check that one out.


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The thing I love about Rush is, they continue to produce strong material, and are still a tour de force in their live shows. I regret I missed them this tour, but my son saw them in Orlando and said it was solid from start to finish. In this day of big $$ to see live music, you simply can't go wrong with a Rush show. Neil Peart is a machine on the drums...perhaps the best rock drummer alive today. The fact that he continues to write the excellent thought provoking lyrics is amazing, since I can't think of another drummer who plays such a role. Alex and Geddy play so well against each other that it's almost like a 4 piece band producing this powerful sound.

Rock on, Gentlemen...

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Rush are an amazing band! I saw them live last month, october 14th at the M.E.N, and it was the best live show i've ever seen.

Great live band and also great on record too, top class musicians, and they are one of those bands that havent really written a bad song.

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Saw them in Tampa this tour and last tour and a few times before that. Probably my second favorite band after Zep. There just aren't enough superlatives to describe Rush so I'll just leave it at I love them. From beginning to end.

Their album of covers, Feedback, was pretty hip too.

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Rush Live Album To Precede Spring Tour



Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Rush will unveil the sixth live album of its career, "Snakes & Arrows Live," just in time for its spring North American tour. The 27-track, double-disc set arrives April 8 via Anthem/Atlantic; the trek begins April 11 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

"Snakes & Arrows Live" was taped in October 2007 at Ahoy in Rotterdam, Holland. The track "Workin' Them Angels" will be serviced to rock outlets on March 10.

Eight other tracks from the group's 2007 studio album, "Snakes & Arrows," are included, such as "Far Cry," "The Larger Bowl," "Armor and Sword" and "Malignant Narcissism."

Among the oddities appearing in the set list are "Entre Nous," from 1980's "Permanent Waves"; "Digital Man" from 1982's "Signals"; and "Circumstances," from 1978's "Hemispheres."

Here is the track list for "Snakes & Arrows Live":

Disc 1:


"Digital Man"

"Entre Nous"



"The Main Monkey Business"

"The Larger Bowl"

"Secret Touch"


"Between the Wheels"


"Far Cry"

"Workin' Them Angels"

"Armor and Sword"

Disc 2:


"The Way the Wind Blows"


"Natural Science"

"Witch Hunt"

"Malignant Narcissism / De Slagwerker"


"Distant Early Warning"

"The Spirit of Radio"

"Tom Sawyer"


"One Little Victory"

"A Passage to Bangkok"


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Rush Promises Surprises On Summer Tour

Gary Graff, Detroit

Rush fans can expect some different songs and "surprises" when the Canadian trio hits the road on April 11 -- but guitarist Alex Lifeson says, "I'm gonna keep those a secret until then, I think."

Lifeson tells Billboard.com that since the next segment of Rush's Snakes & Arrows World Tour -- which kicks off in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and runs through July 20 -- visits a number of cities the group hasn't played in quite some time, "we thought we should maybe revisit some older songs we're not playing currently or haven't been in the last little while. So we changed out a few songs in the set. We're gonna keep it loose and maybe kind of bounce back and forth."

Lifeson says the group frequently gets fan requests for specific material. "We see 'Camera Eye' come up quite often, 'Jacob's Ladder' and some of the longer songs like that from our mid-period," he says. Last year's Snakes & Ladders dates featured rarities such as "Circumstances" and "Entre Nous," which Rush has never performed live, and are captured on the upcoming "Snakes & Arrows Live," due April 15.

Lifeson says Rush is also starting to tuck into the video material from the same show last October at Ahoy Rotterdam arena in the Netherlands for a DVD the guitarist says will be out in the late summer or early fall.

"We shot it in HD, and I hear it looks really dramatic," says Lifeson, who supervised the stereo mix for the CD. The group decided to put the CD out first, he says, because "we wanted to kind of bridge the two halves of the tour with a release so there's something there, and then we'll follow up with the live DVD."

Lifeson says that he and bandmates Geddy Lee and Neil Peart are also thinking a bit about Rush's next studio album -- mostly likely with "Snakes & Arrows" co-producer Nick Raskulinecz -- but suspects that will come later rather than sooner.

"I'm guessing that we're probably going to take a little bit of the break at the end of this tour," says Lifeson, who's been updating his Web site with a number of new features he hopes to roll out soon. "I don't see us really doing much in the way of any new material probably until the spring of next year, and then we'll see where we go. We generally prefer to just start on that first day and sit down and start jamming; it's such an exciting moment, and it becomes it's own living thing. We seem to be much more balanced and a lot happier working that way."

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Even though Moving Pictures is most people's first Rush album 75% of the time, I still enjoy it very much. I can't get enough of Limelight. The end is just so damn good. I actually moved some Rush albums over from my external HD. Gonna listen to them...

Fly By Night, Caress of Steel, All The World's a Stage, and Signals.

Hope they are good!

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