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Remembering John Bonham.

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1 hour ago, Strider said:

A raised pint (or two or three or more... 🍻) in honour of John Henry Bonham. May 31, 1948 - September 25, 1980. Never forgotten. Always remembered.



I’ll be celebrating with drinks later as well...meanwhile the greatest TSRTS and show opening song ever!


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I happened to be listening to the Classical station WRR as I drove home from my first shift job. At the top of the hour they gave a brief summary of new highlights. And they did indeed announce that the drummer for the rock group Led Zeppelin had died.

I remember the sense of darkness I felt that night, as sat sulking in my apartment living room.

The grey Led Zeppelin inflatable blimp that I had hanging from the ceiling was later spray painted black.

I wanted to listen to the local rock radio coverage that night, but the dweebs that worked there were only good for reading the intros and outros for the songs that the Programming Director had selected for them on a daily basis. They were incapable of deep though or reflection, nor would the radio station powers that be, have allowed them to divert from the station's format of songs and advertisements only. Such was the state of corporate rock radio in Dallas in 1980.


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  • 11 months later...

Since it's the weekend before the 40th anniversary of the passing of John Bonham and I have the weekend off I figured I'd start celebrating now no need to be so correct on the day so I'll be playing some extra drum solos from him this weekend! Long live John Bonham!


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5 hours ago, The Only Way To Fly said:

RIP John Henry. I was in 7th grade and 12 years old when this happened. I remember it very well. It was shortly after this that the local movie theater ran a midnight show of The Song Remains The Same. My dad took me and  I thought it was the coolest thing ever. 

Same here, but my oldest brother took me to the midnight movies to see TSRTS. 
I can’t believe it’s been 40 years since he passed. Continued prayers for JP, RP, JPJ, Jason, their families, those who worked with them and their close friends. 


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40 years ago I woke to the tragic news of John Henry Bonham's passing. The most painful day of my youth.

This morning I awake to the fact that it has been 40 years since that morning and the pain still exists for the loss of the man, the myth, the legend. The 40 years between those mornings seems shorter than the 12 years that John Henry Bonham powered the Led Zeppelin machine from 1968-1980.

I have told and retold the minutia of that Thursday, September 25, 1980. I don't feel like retelling it again.

Suffice to say that it illustrates the sad state of radio affairs today compared to then. When the news of Bonham's death hit, both of the major rock radio stations in Los Angeles gave it major coverage and played nothing but Led Zeppelin all day and night. Everything...the deepest cuts, the BBC live stuff, even the complete side 2 of "The Song Remains the Same" uninterrupted...all 28 minutes of "Dazed and Confused".

I switched back and forth between KMET 94.7 and KLOS 95.5 and even checked in on KWST 106 if the others were on a commercial break. But once the afternoon arrived, I kept it exclusively on KMET 94.7. for the lineup of Paraquat Kelly, Mary 'The Burner' Turner, and Jim Ladd all through the night.

I'm sorry @The Rover that your Dallas radio let you down that day. You would have loved Jim Ladd's show that night. He expressed deeply and poetically what most rock fans were feeling that day.

Back then, radio was still connected to the music and the people on the street. Today, it's useless. I doubt Bonham's death gets nary a mention except on the few "Get the Led Out" programs still on radio.

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6 hours ago, bluecongo said:

If you happen to be in NC tonite come on by I’m jamming Zeppelin all nite for Bonzo ! 


I wish I could bluecongo. But I don't live anywhere near North Carolina.

2 hours ago, sam_webmaster said:

"Nights With Alice Cooper"




Great stuff, Sam. Thanks for sharing.

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I was a freshman at Lane Tech high school in Chicago, and I will never forget the awful feeling when a classmate told me that morning, that he heard on the radio, on his way to school that Bonzo had died. He saw that I had happily taken my full page Chicago Tribune Led Zeppelin tour announcement and ticket application form, out of my folder. I got up extra early that day to fill out the application for tickets to the upcoming dates the band were supposed to play at The Chicago Stadium in November. The paper came out overnight, in the wee small hours of Sep 25, so I woke up early at 5:30am to get my copy, fill out the form and post mark it ASAP. I was so happy and confident that I got my application sent early and was eagerly anticipating finally seeing my heros, especially Bonzo, in person! I had become obsessed with them about a year before and spent most of 8th grade and that summer of 1980, fanatically learning as much as I could , by listening to the albums at home, and tapes in my Walkman whenever in transit. At first I didn't really believe this kid, thinking maybe it was a false alarm. But, as I made my way through the halls during the passing period to my next class, the halls were abuzz with the terrible news... some kids were crying. I was crushed. Such a huge loss, to this day.  In honor of the 40th anniversary of his passing, I decided to do this video.





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On 9/25/2016 at 6:46 PM, the chase said:

Rest In Peace John. You're the main reason I fell in love with playing the Drums.

Love and respect to his Family Friends and Fans. 

40 years on and I remember hearing the terrible news like it was yesterday. 

Rest In Peace John. 

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