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If Zeppelin had only released one album..

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Let's say, hypothetically, Led Zeppelin only released one album (ala, the Sex Pistols or Jeff Buckley) .. What songs would you have on it? In what order?

It can be a normal album, double album, hell, even a triple album.. But keep it realistic, you can't say 'I'd have a nontuple album with all of their tracks"

Also, which album's artwork would you use for it?

Have fun!

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First, I could not pick any of their songs for a single album...impossible.

Second, say they only put out Zeppelin I and then disbanded or ate each other, whatever, either is VERY uncool.

Finally, regarding artwork? How about a big fucking cock and balls thrusting forward since Zeppelin has just fucked us out of nine other albums and 11 more active years :mad:

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If we cut to the meat of this question and take away all the superfluous bits, is this not a thinly disguised "what are your favourite zep songs" where you are asking people to pick tracks for a hypothetical zeppelin greatest hits? I thought this was going to be a more interesting hypothetical on perhaps how would history view zeppelin if they had just made zep 1. And, while I'm having a whinge for no reason, a thread that asks me to do something yet they can't be arsed to do it themselves first?

How about a big fucking cock and balls thrusting forward

I look forward to seeing your design for this. Actually, noooooo :lol:

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Good Times Bad Times

Dazed and Confused

Communication Breakdown

Whole Lotta Love

The Lemon Song

Ramble On

Bring It On Home

Immigrant Song

Since I've Been Loving You

Gallows Pole

That's The Way

Rock And Roll

Stairway To Heaven

When The Levee Breaks

The Rain Song

No Quarter

The Ocean

In My Time of Dying


Ten Years Gone

Achilles' Last Stand

For Your Life

Is that too many for a triple album? CAN'T whittle it down any more - even that was painful.

And HOTH artwork.

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Artwork would be from Physical Graffiti, and it would be a four disc release.

Side 1:

1. Whole Lotta Love

2. The Rover

3. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

4. When The Levee Breaks

5. Heartbreaker

6. Carouselambra

7. Rock n Roll

8. How Many More Times

Side 2:

1. The Song Remains The Same

2. The Rain Song

3. Nobody's Fault But Mine

4. Sick Again

5. In My Time Of Dying

6. That's The Way

7. The Wanton Song

8. Since I've Been Loving You

Side 3:

1. Immigrant Song

2. Four Sticks

3. The Lemon Song

4. Dazed And Confused

5. Your Time Is Gonna Come

6. No Quarter

7. Ten Years Gone

8. Stairway To Heaven

Side 4:

1. Achilles Last Stand

2. Ramble On

3. Bron-Yr-Aur

4. The Ocean

5. Trampled Underfoot

6. In The Light

7. Tea For One

8. Kashmir

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