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Stairway Backwards (Lyrics, Rumors, Possibilities)


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Oh, and thanks bong-man for the article, I think it's quite clear and you can understand Jimmy well. I mean, magic is a fascinating thing, you don't know if it's true or not...

I also think that Jimmy says some great things like, "When you've discovered your true will you should forge ahead like a steam train, if you put all your energies into it there's no doubt you'll succeed because that is your true will."

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And secondly, Plant said Stairway was written with the best intentions, leacing messeges backwards in not how you make music. He never said..no we did not do that, its pure coincidence, etc..

I posted this in another topic because it was quite funny in my opinion. But am including it here for another reason.

This video shows Stairway To Heaven tributes from an Australian comedy show which had Robert and Jimmy as guests.

Question to Robert begins at 4:15

Robert specifically says that “it’s nothing to do with any of the weird stuff you’ve read about in America.”

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