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Laurence Ratner's Live Dreams Photo Book


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There were actually just a couple of Jimmy from Atlanta '73 in LIVE DREAMS. Ratner was directed to use the path from the International Hotel, right into the backstage area, leading up to the giant staircase at the back of the stage. Everybody else, it seemed, took a different route to the roped-off grassy area in front of the stage. Ratner found himself on the side of the stage pretty much alone with Ahmet Ertegun and some young female (perhaps Ahmet's niece?). He refrained from taking too many photos, so as not to seem too conspicuous. He talks about it in the book and App.

It never seems to get discussed, but in Atlanta '73, there was giant video screens at the back of the stage. (Black & White). Perhaps nothing was recorded, as no video from that show has ever surfaced or been released.

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I have no reason to doubt that one is a Laurence Ratner shot, and probably one of the Chicago shows. I believe he is on FB and may respond to an inquiry concerning his work or his book.

I'm referring to the picture that Geezer posted of Robert and Jimmy bowing.

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This shot is from Dazed and Confused. It's from one of the two Chicago '73 shows. Appears in that section in the book. Also in the 'Cornerstones' section in the iPad/iPhone App.

Note the Watermarked Copyright... That's one cool part of the App, is that you can email and therefore, download any of the photos. Except you also get the watermark. No biggie.


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Huge thanks to mikezep61 for these photos.

4 May 1973 Confirmed: http://digitalcollections.library.gsu.edu/cdm/singleitem/collection/ajc/id/5076/rec/24




6 July 1973 Confirmed: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/jimmy-page-and-robert-plant-of-led-zeppelin-during-led-news-photo/134365620

Page wore black pants on the 6th and white pants on the 7th. All of these photos, therefore, are from 6 July 1973:






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