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International tour/merchandise

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I looked through all of the threads on page one just to make sure someone had not already started another topic.

This is my first post. I have been a fan for 25 years now (since I was 12). So, of course John Bonham had passed away before I even became aware of what a magnificent band Led Zeppelin STILL IS. It was nice to see them on LiveAid in '85. I finally got to see Robert Plant in '94 on his Fate Of Nations world tour when it came to Atlanta. I was even front row at The Fabulous Fox Theatre which is an amazing venue to see ANYONE. I also saw the Page/Plant tour. Yes, they were both awesome concerts to say the very least. BUT, I have been waiting for over half of my life to finally see the one, the only Led Zeppelin. Even though, it shall never be a true reunion (R.I.P. John), at least Robert, Jimmy and John Paul are still alive and kicking! Besides, I already know how wonderful Jason is on the drum kit. It is only right that Bonzo's son be the heir to his throne.

So, in essence, I am looking for replies from anyone who truly believes that the London show will spark something and will ultimately lead to an international tour next year. I already know that Robert will be touring with Alison Krauss next year in support of their Raising Sand album.

Also, besides the program, what other merchandise was available at the O2 show? Please be specific.

Thank you kindly for reading and for your time.

Sincerely, Robert

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