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Led Zeppelin Analog mix CDs?

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Just signed up today to ask you guys if you have any idea about these so called "analog master" CDs I just picked up on eBay. They caught my attention and I picked them up out of curiosity. I'm pretty sure they use the same masters as the 90's CDs....Page and Marino, just marketed to look like the vinyl? The inserts mirror the vinyl gatefold and the CD art shows the same numbers as the vinyl releases.





I searched and searched for any info on these and have come up with absolutely nothing. Any news on these would be great! Of course I'll know more when I get them but was anxious to find anything on them. :peace:


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They sound like garbage. Ah well. Just ordered the definitive collection on eBay....hope it's not a fake also. Rhino set, not SHM, US Seller....should be good to go.

Thanks guys

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