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Any1 have "The Roots of Led Zeppelin?" opinions?

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So, i have a chance to buy the album/CD "The Roots of Led Zeppelin" and was wondering what others thought of it?

I cant quit you baby - Otis rush

gallis pole - leadbelly

fixin to die blues - bukka white

i want some of your pie - blind boy fuller

truckin little woman - big bill broonzy

nobodies fault but mine - blind willie johnson

girl i love she got long curly hair - sleepy john estes

goin down slow - muddy waters

dance of the inhabitants of the palace of king philip 14th of spain - John Fahey

boogie chillun - john lee hooker

when the levee breaks - memphis minnie

shake em on down - mississippi fred mcdowell

Train kept a rollin - scotty mcay quintet

happenin ten years time ago - the yardbirds

psycho daisies - the yardbirds

dazed and confused - jake holmes

Thank you for any opinions!

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Why a commitment - because of the length?

Dang. I thought I had this title, but these tracks are different and more awesome. The one I had - a free CD given away with a magazine - had Spirit's Fresh Garbage I remember that. And a coworker would groan (not with pleasure) every time I played it at work.

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If you like (early) blues, you'll probably like this CD. If not, then you should pass. If you're not familiar with early blues, it can be a little challenging to get into.

You should be able to find most, if not all, of these songs on Youtube, so you can check them out and decide if it's worth it.

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Borrowed, can you give us a few more details on this CD you have - what label, what year.

There are several compilations with the same or very similar title:


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So, I finally ordered the 4 disc (3 CD's & 1 DVD) of the Roots of Led Zeppelin,  http://www.amazon.com/Roots-Led-Zeppelin/dp/B001QU9RO8/ref=pd_sim_sbs_15_1?ie=UTF8&dpID=61hX8alhvJL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=064GYXPP759PPPA5X1JT, all the way from Great Britain, took nearly 3 weeks, but I got it......


HOLY $#!+!!

I cant believe how good this set is!  all these oldies, folk, Blues, & rock in one collection!  the only thing missing is John Fahey's "Dance of the Inhabitants of the Palace of King Phillip XIV of Spain" as I think thats a big part of where Page got his guitar sound.  Thats ok though, that means I can pick up one of his albums as soon as I get paid.  


Im using this set to dig deeper back in time and music history and im having the time of my life.... but its bitter sweet. Im finding stuff like Eddie Cochran and Lonnie Donegan, stuff im sure my dad listened to as a young man, and i wish to freaking hell i could share my new found love for his music but he died in January of this year,    Ladies and gentlemen, i BEG you all, if you havent shared stuff with your parents/grandparents, please dont wait too long, cause eventually, time runs out.

If you can get one of these I HIGHLY recommend it if you know you like old blues, rock and folk. 


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I bought Robert Johnson's double CD, Crossroads used for 4 bucks at a garage sale a few years ago some of the best money I ever spent. Since then I've been hooked. Delta Blues . REAL GOOD STUFF, Leadbelly and Memphis Minnie , especially . If I'm in the mood I can really lost in that music.

I even imagine what it would be like to walk in to a Deep South Blues joint during the 30's and hearing Memphis Minnie or Blind Willie  play live. It had to be incredible !! Moonshine and some female company.....sadly the daydream always seems to end with either getting "rolled" or going blind.:wacko:

 I'm certain the recordings do very little justice to what it really sounded like live.


 And Zeppelin wasn't the only group to "rework' songs by these artists. The Allman Brothers, Cream/Clapton Eric Burdon all ingratiated themselves and plenty. 


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5 hours ago, Jimmywalnutz said:

 And Zeppelin wasn't the only group to "rework' songs by these artists. The Allman Brothers, Cream/Clapton Eric Burdon all ingratiated themselves and plenty. 

Yes, Also recently i found that much of ZZ Top's first 8 - 9 albums were very based in the blues!  sounds great!

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This is the version I have:


And as a person who just got into Blues at the time, I loved this CD. 

I didn't realize that the original versions of these songs that Zeppelin covered were this good. Boogie Chillen is a brilliant, simple track with some great vocals, probably my favorite from the disk.

I urge anyone to listen to it. Your love of Led Zeppelin will only increase with each track.

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