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Guardian Article with Ken Anger


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Wouldn't pay for lunch on which occasion? I know it's hardly the first time Jimmy's been called mean and there's probably lots of other people would corroborate that, but honestly. . . he makes it sound like they met once.

Rather than making it sound like he was living in Jimmy's house, making use of his editing equipment, giving guided tours of the house, frightening Jimmy's family and then, after being slung out, sending him threatening mail.

It sounds like Jimmy bit off more than he could chew, taking on the Anger project when he already had a demanding career (to put it mildly), plus a drug problem (such a contrast with the Death Wish II thing, where Michael Winner talked about how meticulous he was and how obliging in making things as long as they needed to be to the second, etc). It also sounds like he made one of his biggest mistakes in giving this character house room.

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And calling Jimmy a miser!!!!??? Really??

Didn't he live in Jimmy's house until he had to be removed ??

I know, right?! :D

He was using the basement at Tower House to edit it.

Poor Jimmy. Thanks so much for sharing this here.

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