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Best cover of a Led Zep song

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Before I learned how to use the search function, I asked a similar question


There is also these



Anyway, my favourite is probably Tori Amos' version of Thank You.

This I like too, from the late Kevin Gilbert.

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May be on here already-but there's a some videos on youtube of Chris Cornell doing his great live version of Thank You. Also recently when I chaperoned my kid + friends to a three band show at a coffee house-a rap group played, an indie/guitar group played, then came a drummer and a DJ duo--who closed the show with...their version of No Quarter-had to give 'em props for picking a cool song- won't say it's the BEST No Quarter cover I've ever heard but was surely the most unusual.

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Communication Breakdown covered by Iron Maiden (very heavy, Bruce Dickinson has a crazy voice for the song)

Thank You covered by Tesla and Great White (both covers are done well, but Zeppelin live blows them both away!)

Out On The Tiles covered by Blind Melon (not a fan of them, but it sounds cool)

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