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Best Led Zeppelin covers.


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Heart does an excellent job doing Zeppelin covers in my opinion. They sound great especially with Nancy playing the mandolin on Battle of Evermore. They are very talented. I think they should be in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. They've been over-looked for far too long.

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Okay i know that nothing can replace the originals especially where Led Zeppelin are concerned but which band or artist in your opinion does justice to LZ via a cover of one of their songs ?

I love Jeff Healy's version of Communication Breakdown & Hearts version of Rock ' n ' Roll.

In Australia there was a band called the Party Boy's who used to change line-up's frequently & they used to draw on prominent muscos like Joe Walsh, Eric Bourdon as well as Australias best as well.

Graham 'Shirley' Strachan lead singer from Skyhooks, legendary Aussie band from the 70's fronted them once & they did credible versions of the Immigrant Song & Kashmir as well as Hendrix, the Police & some blues covers.

Who has any other favourite covers of LZ stuff ?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD8hlODAz-s...feature=related Sorry for the repost somewhat ! But this has to be the best cover for sure in my book......which not many PPL care about ,LOL

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"I think Godsmacks Version of GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES is awesome!"

- I would suppose you thing GS is a quality Rock band as well, right up there with VH and LZ.....

I think they lack creativity and uniqueness and try make up for it with a 'wall of sound' distorted modern rock'sh thing going on and a vocalist who sounds like he is straining just to sing any damn note, fwiw

-besides, the band likes their lead singer soo much they started a side project and put GS on indefinate hold

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Phish absolutely rocks Good TImes Bad Times. Trey is one of the few with liquid fingers that can kill this riff.

Yeah i saw that too, it was good, but if you look in the coments on you tube a bunch of silly c^&t say that Trey Anistisio from Phish would rip Page to shreds and Zeppelin will be no doubt a better band with Trey. No i just find that a bunch of horseshit. Trey did good but lets not get to excited about it.

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The best Zep cover I have heard in years is 'Cave In' doing Dazed and Confused. Try and check this out if you can it's epic to say the least. You can find it on YouTube and is quite easy to find via download. It's also available on their Japanese Import of the 'Moons of Jupiter EP'

I know many people have mentioned it on here already but Tool's take on No Quater is also fantastic.

Godsmack on the other hand I have no time for. I throw in the same kind of pile as the Nicklebacks of this world. I didn't like the cover either. Different strokes I spose.

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Never knew about this. Thanks, Thorzep. :thumbsup:B)

This is from the Acid Queen album (1975): nice! (also on single)

What about the most famous cover??

wll by CSS = the riff of Top Of The Pops (I don't like the cover, but it's for sure really famous)

I really love Dread Zeppelin: this is what I mean for cover :D

Anyway, Frank Zappa's rendition of STH is a must :o

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