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In the Key Of Zeppelin


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I was watching a guitar instruction about how to play in the Key of The Rolling Stones. The guy said that Keith Richards plays in the the Key of G. So what do you think that Jimmy Page/Jimi Hendrix/Clapton and Tony Iommi play in? For the most part?

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I would say Page starts many a tune in regular joe blow chords, don't ask me the key.

Then, some tunes transcend into the "skeleton key."

That evolution is why a great many of us are on this forum.

Think lotus.

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I doubt there is a simple answer. Jimmy's tunings are part of his genius.

The beauty of Zeppelin is the complexity and diversity of the music created.

I know I have read threads on here where his tunings are listed and analyzed. Such as:


Also Guitar World always has articles breaking down his tunings. Which makes for some pretty interesting reading.

BTW, Sagittarius rising, love your answer! :)


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