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The way he threw that mike was derinitiely done with some ill feeling. Now look at the way he has nothing to do with the others at the end....Page puts him arm round him and Plant acts as if he's not there, same as he does on every clip Ive seen.

I saw it like Gazz describes -- Robert was cold; he performed very well though. I hope we're wrong and Robert was just being... Robert.

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2.gif Thank You! 2.gif

"We came, we saw, we kicked ass!"

It seems to me that Page did everything he could to make every section easy for Robert. He telegraphed many of the Q's for him and was quite a leader thru-out. Robert for some reason seems uneasy at times and very self-aware. It's no wonder since us fans have been dicing ever minute of the show we get our hands on and Robert knows his task is huge. Overall, it seems that Plant sees himself as a bit old playing this part and has yet to find a more mature outlook on the tunes and the band. If this band tours I am confident that Plant will draw from the others eager inspiration and rise above this hurdle. Right now I imagine they'll play another show or two so they can make a nifty package like Cream did. I wish they'd make a statement.

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hey boy, you got something against us sockknitting grannies?? I'll have you know I spend all my evenings knitting up items for the band...using only the finest cashmere...things to keep all their body bits warm. I am certain they would appreciate me throwing these on stage instead of my bra. :P Shall I knit a lollipop holster for you?


OMG... you can't mean... cashmere emotional condoms? :rolleyes:

The best knitter I know is my mega cool, always surrounded by an entourage with girls clinging to his every word, 18 year old nephew! Knits hats and sells 'em to skiers. ("HeadKace" is the brand, heh.)

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Watched some stuff again on Youtube last night, and though he is not gleefully hopping around the place, we shouldnt read *too* much into all of this. As some informed people have pointed out, any hint of a solemn/forlorn mood can be attributed to the momentous tribute to Ahmet , exacerbated by the sadness over a terminally ill friend that was brought over to see the show.

As for tossing around the mic, I think I recall seeing him do this at other shows, ie with he Strange Sensation...just a bit of stage antics IMHO.

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So he sings like a monster- at his age- and carries the emotions of the songs thruout the whole concert, and yet he has to behave like a sockknitting granny?

Get real!

More power to Plant.

:hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical:

That's the best one I've ever read

CHEEEEEERS!!!!!!!! :kiss: :kiss:

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