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Any "ADVENTURE TIME" fans here?


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Obviously, it helps if you have kids or friends with kids...otherwise you're probably unaware of Finn and Jake and their adventures in The Land of Ooo. Marceline the Vampire Queen. The Ice King. Princess Bubblegum.

Thanks to my nephew, who loves the show, I've been hipped to this wacky Cartoon Network show...much in the same way my nieces turned me on to the Powerpuff Girls once upon a time.

Well, we're having a release party for the "Adventure Time Encyclopædia" today...it should be a fun day.


Here's the itinerary of the event. If you live in the area, come on down.


Tom Kenny(voice of "Spongebob Squarepants") is also scheduled to appear. Bring the kids.

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An evil time was had by all...lasted well past midnight. Here's a nice blog post by someone with lots of photos. http://www.ttdila.com/2013/08/adventure-time-encyclopaedia-signing.html?m=1

And here's my copy of the book with everyone's signature.


I got another book signed for my nephew. Tom Kenny was super nice and accommodating to one and all. We discussed the recent Flaming Groovies show we both happened to be at.

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