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I had two really big gigs


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For our small, two million country I had two really big gigs! One was on a square in my home town, where I also belted a lot of Zeppelin and had a really good time!

But the other one is really something! It's with our countries famous Gal Gjurin and it was a big festival, abut 1000 people listening at the gig and he didn't just do his songs, but he wrote arrangements for a full orchestra by himself and he is definately the biggest genius in Slovenia now, he has great songs, plus fantastic arrangements!

I did one of my high pitched songs, but I don't have any tapes and he also wrote an orchestra arrangement for it, but the orchestra will play with me next time, so I'm happy to be invited to further gigs!

Here is one of Gjurin's songs and then another with the orchestra live and another where his sister sings(both not from the gig where I sung) and then a few photos of me performing! The youtube counts are pretty low, but he is one of the biggest, his best viewed song has 400.000 views, which is enourmous for such a small country! Thanks Gal Gjurin!





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