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Our Led Zeppelin.com Usernames Explained


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Does your Username have meaning? I'm sure most of ours do. For me Mudslide® explained:

My very first Led Zeppelin boot was called Mudslide. I remember back in the 70's going down to the University of Washington Ave and visiting numerous record shops. When I saw this bootleg something came over me and I had to have it. It quickly became a favorite of mine as I listened to it over and over trying to decide if I would be better suited as a guitarist or drummer........I ened up playing Jazz piano. Go figure.

Focusing on a March 21, 1970 show at Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada, Mudslide was among the more highly regarded bootleg LPs by Led Zeppelin that surfaced in the 1970s. The original version came from Trademark of Quality, one of the 1970s' top bootleg labels. Vinyl reissues of Mudslide were subsequently provided by Mushroom and other bootleggers, and in 1998, the illicit OMS label came out with a CD version titled The Ultimate Mudslide. It's easy to understand why collectors held the old Mudslide LP in such high regard -- the sound quality is excellent, and Zeppelin is triumphant on gems that include "Heartbreaker," "Communication Breakdown," "Whole Lotta Love," and "Since I've Been Loving You." Unfortunately, the songs are out of order on this LP -- something that OMS claimed to correct when it put out The Ultimate Mudslide. But even so, Mudslide is a bootleg that serious Zeppelin fans were thrilled to acquire. Because vinyl versions of Mudslide are incredibly difficult to find now, collectors should keep an eye out for the OMS reissue.

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