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Your toplist Led Zeppelin 'live' song


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In your opinion,what is your top list for best Led Zeppelin 'live' song.(Not the song from the studio,the one they play live) Mine is this:

1.Kashmir (especially Knebworth 1979)

2.Achilles Last Stand (also Knebworth 1979)

3.Stairway To Heaven (Earl's Court 1975,Seattle 1977)

4.In The Evening (Knebworth '79)

5.Whole Lotta Love (Royal Albert hall 1970)

Anyway,this is my list. If you want to post more than top 5,it is welcomed.

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In no particular order,

Dazed And Confused 3/21/75

No Quarter 6/23/77

Whole Lotta Love 9/19/70 (evening)

Achilles Last Stand 6/22/77

Communication Breakdown 9/4/70

Very hard to do, even to choose a favorite version of each of those five songs. Should probably have a Stairway in there but there're just way too many that're great to single one out, and at the end of the day Stairway is one of the few cases where I prefer the studio version slightly...

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