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BOMBINO: Music to Groove and Lose Yourself In


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I know Deborah J loves Bombino, so at least one other person will enjoy this thread.

Bombino was the best of the three different opening bands I saw open for Robert Plant this summer. If you like Tinariwen, then the Niger-born Tuareg guitarist Omara "Bombino" Moctar and his band should be right up your alley. Their new album "Nomad" was produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, and it is one of the best albums of the year.


The Santa Monica Pier has a free concert series every summer, with the concerts held on Thursday evenings, beginning around 7pm. Last Thursday, 8.8.13, was Bombino and Hanni El Khatib, with Bombino opening with a set that lasted close to an hour, including an encore. By the third song, one was lost and transfixed by their groove. Bombino embodies what Jimmy Page and William Burroughs were discussing about "trance music" in 1975.

It's music to lose yourself in and dance freely. Or if you prefer to just kick back and spark the ganja(I'm talking to you, CP), it's great music to accompany a smoke session.

You should check them out and if you get a chance to see them in concert, go. Here are some photos of the Santa Monica Pier concert.










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I'm glad you all liked me sharing this...I aways enjoy turning people on to music. Pity I couldn't find any clips on YouTube of the Santa Monica show. Perhaps there are some from his stint on the Robert Plant/SSS tour this summer?

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^^^^Yep, Strider, I Love their music! I also had never heard of them until this year. When they opened for Robert in July I wished they could have played longer to be honest. As soon as the break waiting for Robert and SSS to come on stage I went straight over and bought a CD. I would go see them live again in a minute :peace:

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Another new Bombino fan chiming in.

I'll admit when I saw the name of the support band for the Robert and SSS show that I was going to see, I was perplexed and a bit skeptical. After doing some research before the show, I discovered the name was not a play on the word "Bambino" (a certain usage of this word is a sore spot for fans the baseball team the Boston Red Sox- apologies to non baseball fans for going off topic) and that we were going to see something good.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the performance. In addition to the groovy music already mentioned, I enjoyed the visuals - the colorful costuming and the animated musicians, especially the base player).

I look forward to reading more reviews!

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Tinariwen are cool,

if you like them, check out Tamikrest and also Tartit for the same kinda vibe.

Hi reswati and chillumpuffer!

^^Great music. I also like Habib Koite & Bamada. IMHO the music is so primal. You can lose yourself in it.... as Strider stated :peace:

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