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It's very simple.

1. On the YouTube video that you want to post, click on the button underneath that says 'Share'.

2. When you click the 'share' button, the video URL will appear shaded in blue in a box. 'Copy' that by clicking on the 'copy' button in your Copy + Paste section on your browser.

3. Now go to whatever forum thread you want to post the video and 'Paste' the video URL in the Reply box.

4. Post your reply.

That's all there is to it.

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I use Chrome and had a lot of trouble getting videos to show for a while. This is what I do (someone here posted instructions a few months back, sorry I forget who it was or I would give proper credit!):

1. In You Tube, copy the link from the web browser

2. Paste it into the box here, then highlight the link

3. Click the "Unlink" button (to the right of the "link" button)

4. Click "Post"

That should do it; good luck!

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