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Salt Lake City 1970 - Rare Photos

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Great pics of my home town concert!! I saw these earlier but waited until my best GF from my concert dayz to come over because I knew it was her in this photo..

I can confirm it IS her, she remembers being right there and "touching Jimmy's shoe" lol. She said I was off to the side pissed off that she was in front. IF I recall, I was up on that first level, even with the stage right next to Bonzo, then split to go down when Robert told everyone to "come on up to the stage." I thought Iron Butterfly played too, but I could be wrong.

At any rate I was Thrilled to see these pics Sam!! :banana:

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How did I miss this?? Great photos Sam. Thank you!

^^ Agree, it is great to see you here Hotplant. I had to laugh that your were "pissed off" because you were off to the side and even better.."I thought Iron Butterfly played to". Must have been one of those nights. :whistling:

Hope to see you here more often :peace:

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