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2013 NFL Predictions Game


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Just heard the news about Aaron Rodgers & changed my pick accordingly...


I was thinking about picking Philly before I heard this news. Only because I thought even if Rodgers came back in, his arm would still be

in a weakened condition.

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Over, IMO, for that game.

Dallas' offense has been sputtering the past couple of games - hopefully they will control the ball more with Murray back and healthy - which will open up the deep ball threat for Williams and Bryant.

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Rob Ryan doesn't do that well, overall, ever. Never has had a top 10 ranked defense at the end of the year. Drew Brees is gonna carve up the Cowboys defense - the only saving grace is that D-Ware is back, plus Sean Lee is emerging as one of the best MLB's in football, and Brandon Carr makes some plays. Jimmy Graham should have a field day with Bruce Carter though and the rest of the secondary is young, not to mention our "no-name" D-Line. I still have some hope though, if the offense plays lights out and without mistakes.

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A lot of picks for Tampa Bay, what the hell?!? :ohmy: Oh well, I guess I'll have the last laugh after Monday Night...

Welcome to the world of no respect pal. Do you see any Bills picks besides me? Against a Pittsburgh team that was lit up for 55. Well Spiller is going to light them up again. Go to CBS sportsline. Huge arcticle by Prisco who says he has 3 reasons why Tampa will beat Miami. I did not read but I think part of it has to do with this scandal? they have to be a bit distracted?

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A lot of picks for Tampa Bay, what the hell?!? :ohmy: Oh well, I guess I'll have the last laugh after Monday Night...

Really? Tampa has to win sometime - they are not that bad of a team. Miami is a mess, internally, and their o-line (which wasn't that great to begin with) is playing with multiple back-ups. This scandal is either going to make them come together as a team and they'll be better for it - or it will make them implode. I'm guessing the later and this Monday night will be the start, IMO. I could be wrong....

Jacksonville is bad enough to go 0-16, I don't think Tampa is.

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I just took a peek at Tampa's schedule, this coming Monday aside, Nov. 17 at home vs. the Falcons is a winnable game for the Bucs, so maybe my dream of seeing 2 teams go defeated will not come to fruition.

Why does everyone think Atlanta is all of a sudden a pushover?

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Week 10 picks in red:

Washington at Minnesota
Seattle at Atlanta
Detroit at Chicago
Philadelphia at Green Bay
Jacksonville at Tennessee
St. Louis at Indianapolis
Oakland at NY Giants
Buffalo at Pittsburgh
Cincinnati at Baltimore
Carolina at San Francisco
Houston at Arizona
Denver at San Diego
Dallas at New Orleans

Miami at Tampa Bay

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So now I'm two behind jabe, eh?

Actually, my stinking up the joint last week wasn't what triggered my "I hate football" post...it was what happened in the Survivor Pool(some people call them a Suicide Pool) that I am, or was, involved with. For those of you not familiar with how these pools work, everyone puts in whatever dollar amount is agreed upon at the beginning of the season. The one I joined had an entry fee of $10. There were 33 entrants for a total pot of $330. You choose one game per week, and if your team wins then you advance. Once you pick a team, you can no longer pick that team the rest of the season. So let's say you took New Orleans that first week, you could no longer use the Saints.

By the 6th week of the season, it was down to just two of us, me and Andy. Lots of people got obliterated when the Jets beat the Falcons on MNF. For the past few weeks, we have been dueling it out. One of my strategies has been to pick the team that Jacksonville was playing. Well, as luck would have it, the Jags were off last week.

I had already used up Denver, Oakland, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Kansas City, San Diego, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. As you could tell by last week's results, there were a lot of tough games to figure in Week 9 and the only two 'sure things' I could see that involved teams that I hadn't picked yet, were New England and New Orleans. The Patriots had the Steelers at home and the Saints were at the hapless Jets. I thought about taking New England, but for some reason I thought the Steelers posed more of an upset threat than the Jets, even though New England was at home and New Orleans was on the road.

So last Sunday, I had chosen New Orleans and my competitor Andy had chosen Dallas, who were playing the Vikings.

So there I am last Sunday in agony, as the Jets are pummeling the Saints. But wait, the Vikings are beating Dallas! If Andy and I both lose then we're still tied...either we choose to continue playing or split the pot 50/50.

Of course, the rest is painful history...the Vikings choke and the Saints can't escape and I go down in defeat. Andy wins the $330.

My Week 10 picks:


Green Bay
NY Giants
San Francisco
New Orleans...BOO HISS! What are the odds that the two teams involved in my demise last week are playing each other this week?

Tampa Bay

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