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2013 NFL Predictions Game

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potted, too bad you weren't in this thread from the get go!

If you were true to form,this final week would come down to you, jb126, and Strider.

Good pickin' to jb126 and Strider this week, and to all the rest of us.. it's been a blast!

Maybe we can get a few more to get in on the playoff picks thread like last year.

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First of all, if I haven't already, welcome back to the forum Walter. You might have been in the mix too if life hadn't gotten in the way.

This is the second year in a row jb126 has been in the top two going into the final week...she has proven to be a formidable picker. She's doing better than the guy in my local paper...as is pottedplant.

Week 17 picks:

CAROLINA...Ok, raise your hand if you really thought Carolina would pass New Orleans and claim the #2 seed a month ago?

CINCINNATI...not even Marvin Lewis can screw this up, right? Naw, the Bungles will wait until the playoffs before reverting to form.

TENNESSEE...How would you like to live where they're forced to air this game? This would be a good time to clean the storm drain or wash the car. Or take the missus shopping.

INDIANAPOLIS...The Colts have some shocking losses...and wins...on their résumé. The Jackoffs would have been a much more interesting team going for 0-16. Instead, they won just enough to mess up their draft position.

MIAMI...Ok Paul, losing at Buffalo is one thing but if you lose to these J-E-T-S clowns, it'll be :bagoverhead: time. Is this Rex Ryan's last game as Jets coach?

DETROIT...Speaking of coaches on the hot seat, Detroit should have a coaching vacancy soon for Rex Ryan to flee to. There's no excuse for the Lions being under .500 and missing the playoffs.

NY GIANTS...Maybe these two teams can swap quarterbacks and coaches in the offseason? Two teams that are painful to watch and whose coaches may be gone.

PITTSBURGH...Somehow, Pittsburgh is still mathematically alive for the playoffs. Cleveland is just alive...allegedly. Cleveland is one of those teams that always screw your card up, no matter if you pick 'em to win or lose.

CHICAGO...My first instinct was to go with the Packers. But how effective is Rogers going to be after the long layoff? And Green Bay still has injury issues...like at running back...that could hamper them.

DENVER...Watch Peyton Manning go for 60 TDs to try and set the record out of reach against my pathetic Raiders.

NEW ENGLAND...NE still has something to play for. Buffalo doesn't. That's bad news for you, Rick. At least your team won more than the Faiders.

NEW ORLEANS...Still rubbing my eyes over the Saints collapse over the past month...falling from a #2 to #6 seeding in the blink of an eye. They should get right against the likes of Tampa...Tampa Bay being another boring team that would have been more interesting to ponder if they had gone 0-16.

ARIZONA...Who can figure any of these teams out? Arizona's win in Seattle last week has to rank among the upsets of the year. I think the Cardinals can do it again this week.

SAN DIEGO...As a Raider fan, I hate both these teams. This should be one of those tough AFC West division tussles and I still don't trust KC against teams with a quarterback with a pulse.

SEATTLE...Losing to the Cardinals might be a blessing to the Seahawks. Nothing like an ugly loss to refocus the team...and just in time for the playoffs. Did anybody predict Seattle being even better than last season and getting the #1 seed?

PHILADELPHIA...In a perfect world, both teams would lose, haha. It's been quite comical and entertaining watching the ditherings of Dallas lately. It's also been quite amusing listening to the angst of my Cowboy-loving brothers. Even with Romo, this would have been a difficult game for the Cowboys. Thanks to Monte Kiffin's antiquated defense, there is no such thing as being too far behind against the Cowboys. Where is Sean Lee again? Oh right...hurt and out of the game, as usual. My brother expects the Iggles to decimate Dallas 45-3 or something like that. I'm not so pessimistic and think the game will be competitive. Who knows...Kyle Orton could have the game of his life?

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Thanks Strider, my Zeppelin brother....being back here at least takes my mind off why I wasn't on. :)

Time for the last picks of the season. For the first and only time this season - ALL games are on Sunday!









Green Bay


New England

New Orleans

San Francisco

San Diego


Dallas - pipe dream, I know.

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I think Strider's picks are pretty much the same as mine except the Bills and Vikes. I am only picking against Detroit because they have to be totally disappointed in this outcome. I really thought this was their year in the Central. The coaching staff stinks. I think my boys have a shot Sunday. Call me crazy, but the only thing I worry about big time is Lewis

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Week 17 picks:

Carolina at Atlanta
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Houston at Tennessee
Jacksonville at Indianapolis
NY Jets at Miami
Detroit at Minnesota
Washington at NY Giants
Cleveland at Pittsburgh
Green Bay at Chicago
Denver at Oakland
Buffalo at New England
Tampa Bay at New Orleans
San Francisco at Arizona
Kansas City at San Diego
St. Louis at Seattle

Philadelphia at Dallas

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Jabe vouched for me over an hour and half before kickoff. I changed and I am 8-0;

It was time stamped so no need to be vouched for. It'll be feast or famine for you in the afternoon games - you picked a lot of underdogs!

More impotently, Strider 6-2 and jb126 7-1 in the early games. Wonder if they have any "friendly wager" involved??? ;)

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