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Godzilla, we all share your frustrations. The Acoustic set pretty much works, but most of the hard rockin' parts are...well...more karaoke than a proper ballanced concert recording. Percy openly complained about the balance issues of the Warner pioneer commissioned live in Japan recordings in a november 1971 interview ("Just as bad as a bootleg").

21st century audio technology probably is capable to cope with these (see': The Who live at Hull), but 'how the East was won' is still not on Jimmy's priority list ...so, get used to it and enjoy. The tape copies in circulation have all the vibes and details. It just takes a minor switch to get in to it. I for one enjoy it like a movie. Quite an experience

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I'm no pro, but I think the vocals got buried by bootleggers EQ'ing and editing the releases. I have had great results bringing out the vocals (and balancing the mix a bit) using center cancellation/phase inversion on one of the channels, and then experimenting with volume of each channel and adjusting the stereo location of the channels with the right channel inverted.

also, i think the 2nd? gen cassette? transfer has the best balance.

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