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How rude of me! Hello!


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I am new to the forum although I will admit to "lurking" previously as I wanted to survey the "drama" aspect... :rolleyes: before jumping in the water. I'm a big fan of the guitar and guitar based music ( own an acoustic....saving for an electric.....had an '80's Tele but it's gone....2 words - ex husband...lolol) I have ventured onto some other boards for other musicians/music I admire, but generally the non musical drama would eventually drive me away. You guys seem like a breath of fresh air!

I have posted a few times already..but realized I did not properly introduce myself....so here I am... :)

My Led Zeppelin experiences....oh sooo close....but never the luck.

They played here multiple times when I was in high school....but tickets were impossible to get...( we are talking pre internet here!!)
I do remember spending 24 hours listening to a local rock station trying to win a seat on a bus going to Seattle for the 1977 show... but no such luck and since I was 17 and in another country....hitchiking there was out of the question.

I really have enjoyed reading through the various topics ...so hello to all!

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Hello 60blues.....welcome to the forum.

I too lurked for awhile before joining. It is a great place to be for all things Zeppelin and a lot of great people here too. It has been civil around here for quite a while, but we are all human and the occasional drama does happen. I just let the others duke it out and stay out of it.

Have fun...lot's of information to meander through.

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